The Kingdom of the Everliving Lord

The Kingdom of the Everliving Lord.

The Kingdom of the Everliving Lord, or Everliving as it is usually known sits in a fertile river valley in the south east of the Scavenger lands. They are the military powerhouse of the region, and exact tribute from surrounding kingdoms. Tribute is almost always in the form of slaves, as the state religion is based on sacrifice, and the Everliving Lord hungers. Kingdoms which are not tributaries are subject to constant raids by Everliving soldiers, for captive slaves and livestock.

The kingdom controls a relatively large territory, and has a surprisingly sophisticated bureaucratic structure. Towns are controlled by a governor, who reports to a prefect, who controls several town governors. In turn the prefect reports to one of the Lord Regents of the kingdom, who form a council of rulership, with one of them taking on the role of High Regent. Governors tend to be minor nobles, while a prefecture is the sort of position given to a promising second son. Lord Regents are nominated by the civil service of the kingdom, and they are always powerful bureaucrats and nobles. The High Regent is internally elected by the Lord Regents.

The nation is named for the bizarre cult that is the state religion of the kingdom. They venerate the Everliving Lord, one and true King of all Creation, who we serve on bended knee and exist to placate.

The focus for worship is the partially ruined temple manse atop which the palace of the high lords is built. In the innermost chamber of this temple manse sits the Lord Everliving, upon his Throne of Ages. To keep the Throne of Ages functioning, and the Lord Everliving alive, each day a tribute of essence must be made. This tribute takes the form of a human sacrifice. A willing or unwilling victim has their blood spilled upon the golden altar before the throne, and the ancient magics of the throne take over, draining the life force from them to power the throne. The more powerful the essence user, the longer this takes, and the longer the throne will operate.

In exchange for this worship, the priesthood of the Lord Everliving can use a fraction of the throne’s energies to empower their servants, or bind their wills to the will of the throne.

The cult venerates the Enlightened Man as the pinnacle of Creation, and the Lord Everliving as the pinnacle of enlightened men. Other essence users debase the perfection of the enlightened man and should dedicate themselves to His service, either by binding themselves to the throne, or by sacrificing themselves so the throne lives on.

The kingdom maintains cordial relations with The Guild, whom it trades with for slaves to feed the Throne.

Binding to the throne imparts a fraction of the Lord’s power to the binder, and makes them more fit to rule in His name.
Binding their will to the throne means that those who have been imparted with His power can absolutely command you in His name.

A second artifact in the temple manse allows the binding of a Terrestrial circle sorcery spell to the living flesh of a mortal, the spell is unleashed when the vessel dies. This leads to the fairly horrific battlefield practice of bringing slaves bound with battlefield spells, and using them as human weapons.

There are more sorcerers per capita than anywhere else in creation, and like much of this society, their power is built on human sacrifice. Each sorcerer keeps a stable of slaves, who are sacrificed when he needs a spell powered up.

The lesser gods of the region are literally bound to the throne. They’re chained into service in the temple manse, where they serve the Lord. The river floods when the Lord wills it, the fields produce because the lord wishes them to, etc. Further to this, they are forced to produce godblooded offspring for sacrifice to the throne.

The Kingdom of the Everliving Lord

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