Ibram Ironback

Mayor of Shady Sands and former mercenary captain with the Iron Tigers mercenary company.


Tall, wiry and, grey haired and clean shaven, Ibram still moves like a soldier. He doesn’t dress in finery like some small town mayors, but he doesn’t dress in rags either. He looks most comfortable with his short sword at his side, commanding men directly. He distains the small town politics which often plague growing villages, so he and the other Iron Tigers simply ignore them, and do what needs doing.


Former captain in the Iron Tigers mercenary company, he and six of his compatriots left to take up the significantly easier career of caravan guarding. This brought them to Shady Sands.
A cult had corrupted the village, and was preparing a demon summoning ritual.

They successfully summoned a Blood Ape, the soldiers defeated it and the cult and settled in the town, becoming the governors of the town

Ibram Ironback

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